Who we are?

Teppan Store founded by 15 June 2015, we mainly focus on E-commerce as our marketing strategy. E-commerce brings our life much convenience, and we try to use it for flower tea lover and bring the convenience to them. Flower tea is a new business in Malaysia. Nowadays people knowledge improved, they know much food on the market is not good for our health. But is there a solution for eating the delicious food and getting healthy? Why don’t you try a cup of flower tea?

Teppan Store are mainly supply Flower Tea in Malaysia. We hope to bring out that “The Health from Natural” to Malaysia market. Eating too much manufactured food will make us bored. But drink too much flower tea will make us health!

What is Flower Tea?

      Flower tea is the tea made by flower. Normally we know tea is made by the leaves. So if we say ‘tea’ we will think is tea leaves firstly. As we know China is the earlier country that started drinking flower tea, but recent years Flower Tea becomes trendy are started from Western. Early in China, they don’t have so many flower types of tea, only limited types like Jasmine Green Tea, Osmanthus Pu-er, Chrysanthemi and so on, normally they mix with green tea or red tea. After east – west cultural intercourse, Western learns how to make tea, and they started inventing other types of flower make as tea.

      Flower tea is different with chinese tea, green tea or black tea. Flower tea doesn’t have caffeine and also the taste not like chinese tea or green tea has a stronger tea taste. It only has a faint fragrance from flower. That’s why ladies want to drink flower tea. Flower tea has a lot of benefits for our health, in Chinese medicine theory, the roots, stems, leaves and flowers from vegetation can be make as medicine. It means flowers have Pharmacological effects, so if we drinks in appropriate amount that will make us healthy.

Where we locate?

We locate at Klang, Selangor but we don’t have door sales service, since you want to buy flower tea can contact us (See contact details below) or purchase from our Official Online Store, 11street Store, Logon Store and Shopee Store. We will send the stock in Klang area (south Klang) ourself. Others place we use Courier Service as shipping method. [Click here to view Shipping Fees]

How to buy?

Retail: – purchase from our Official Online Store, 11street, Logon or Shopee
1. Choose products, place order.
2. Make payment. (All Malaysia Bank and Visa/Master is supported)
3. We send the parcel.
4. Received.
5. Done.

Wholesales: after viewing our catalog, choose which flower tea you want, and contact us via Whatsapp, Wechat, Messenger, Calls or SMS after that make the payment then we will send the stock to you.
1. List out the Flower tea that you want to orders.
2. We confirm the order and send the price of orders (If any changes) to you.
3. Transfer to our Maybank Account, after received the payment only we will send the stock.
4. Wholesales close order on 2pm, after 2pm will send it on next working days. (But if we can prepare your stock after 2pm before 4pm also can send it today, but not 100%)
5. Done.

Where these Flower Tea came from?

Every flower origin is different, you can refer it on each product description, and we have mentioned the origin there.

Contact us

Contact Number: 016 – 539 6202 (Whatsapp, Wechat, Calls, SMS)

Facebook Messenger: [Click here chat with us]

Email: Teppanstore@gmail.com

Bank Information


Account Name: Teppan Store

Account No.: 5124-5519-5775

Declare: Teppan Store won’t ask for transferring any payment to others Bank Account, we only have the bank account listed above, for any uncertainty payment notice please contact us for help.

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